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Colour (and gloss) remains preserved

Our services come with the longest guarantee on the gloss and colour. Also our treatment requires far less maintenance compared to our competitors.

We offer:

  • Outstanding UV light and weathering resistance
  • Superior corrosion protection
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Low dirt pick-up, therefore giving easy-clean surface
  • Suitable for old and new surfaces
  • Environment friendly
  • Lifespan up to 30+ years
  • We offer long term protection on newly treated signage

Over time, influences such as weather, pollution, salt, sand and UV light are affecting signage and real estate, causing colour (and gloss) to fade and corrosion to show. With HQ Refurb, faded and decayed signage and real estate becomes history, thanks to our turnkey and on site solution for signage refurbishment:

Surfaces treated by HQ Refurb receive an even better than new look with a long lasting protection. Colour (and gloss) remains preserved and the surface is easier to clean which results in less maintenance and an increased lifespan. The HQ Refurb turnkey solutions are therefore extremely durable and environmentally friendly. All, with a significant reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership.

HQ-Refurb offers a high service, combined with a long guarantee period. Competitors also offer a high service, but have a much shorter guarantee period (1-3 years top).

“We live in an experience economy. Pure functionality is no longer enough, people want to experience, feel, smell and see things. Even if only during a visit to a petrol station or McDonalds. The experience that one gets, stands or falls with the image that is created by the customers according to their experiences. Well maintained and beautiful signage and buildings play a major role in accomplishing this, which results in an increase in sales and customer satisfaction.”


Pine and Gilmore , (1999) The Experience EconomyHarvard Business School Press,

But that’s not all!

All refurbishments are carried out by own unique line of Thin Film Technology based signage refurbishment coatings with a lifespan of 30+ years. When treated, the sign looks brand new again permanently and becomes even better than new: colour and gloss remains preserved with 25 year guarantee.

The Thin Film Technology coatings seal the surface and prevents dirt to attach, making the signage easy to clean which saves up to 75% in cleaning time. Moreover, harmful influences cannot affect the surface resulting in a maintenance frequency reduction of up to 66%.

With HQ Refurb, a brand remains visible and looks more inviting to (potential) customers, which increases sales and customer satisfaction.

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Extremely durable
  • 25 year guarantee on the gloss and colour
  • Bio-based, environmental products
  • Suitable for old and new surfaces
  • Environment friendly
  • Lifespan up to 30+ years
  • We offer long term protection on newly treated signage

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